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Daydream Blue

New Update out for Daydream Blue!

Our latest update is live for Daydream Blue. The update is for both the Oculus Rift and GearVR versions.

Added Warp Gun
With the warp gun you can move around the world how you want. This is great in multiplayer, and leads to some really funny moments!

Added News Feed
With the news feed we can send out important information faster than in updates. This will help us let players know what updates are planned and when to expect them.

Add Friend Button and Mute button to multiplayer.
With a click of a button you can add someone in multiplayer as a friend. Or, if someone is being a chatty Cathy, you can mute them!

Various Bug Fixes
As usual, there were a number of bugs we have fixed.

More to come!
We already have a decent chunk of our next update done. The next update will focus on improving the UI, making it much easier for you to play the game. (And just between us, we need these UI improvements to get ready for our major update later this year!).

We are also looking for Beta Testers to help us with our major update due later this year. Let us know in the comments if you are interested.

Thanks for reading!

Ralph and the team


  • I would be interested in beta testing to help out.  I use GearVR and OSVR.

  • Hey Arreladd, sorry I never got back to you. I just responded to your other post, and now see that I have the answer to my question of what VR you use :)

    As I said in the other post, I have been testing some experiments on Vive recently. The long story is that the larger update that we were developing hit a brick wall when the lead programmer, and other founder of the company, left the project and the company at the end of last year. Now that it is just me, I want to respect the players of Daydream Blue but also get on the other side of a pretty challenging year. Out of curiosity, did you purchase Daydream Blue? I am curious to hear from someone who bought the game about their expectations for updates.

  • I currently have DayDream Blue on both GearVR from the Oculus Store and also for my OSVR from Steam when I saw it there. As far as expectations I was looking at more of the little bug fixes here and there.

    As for Gameplay I personally like the variety of campfire/mini games that you have such as the fishing, the rock skip, the mini putt, Cloud Popping, UFO shooting.  Of Course I also enjoyed the fact that you could play solo and enjoy the games casual nature but I do see some people being turned away from the fact that not too many people play on multi player, I am also sure that you might have gotten messages about using the Rift and Vive Controllers and Room Scale, at least based off of the comments I saw on the Steam comments but IMHO the seated position with a game pad works just fine.

    A lot can be said about the simplicity of the game and art style which is honestly a niche group that can truly appreciate it to the fullest.  Especially things like using the Horizon to play the Mini Putt Golf and skipping stones, They add additional game elements that allow for more game play but at the same time when they are not being played they fade away back to the tranquility of a nice peaceful camping trip. The Voice Controls/Commands for the robot appear well thought out and implemented nicely, the only thing that I would probably do differently would be to set the Robot Control Box as a stationary Object next to the Vending Machine,  I cant tell you how many times Ive accidently picked it up playing fetch with the robot LOL.

    All in all I am Far from a story teller and can't tell what would make this game better.  I can say that I am taking inspiration from different aspects of your game and incorporating those in some of my hobbies.

    As for my personal Opinion as to what you should do regarding Daydream Blue moving forward and your other projects. My answer is simple Personal survival should always be first priority because without that nothing can ever get accomplished. For Daydream Blue You should see where the game is now in comparison to what your original vision for it was and see if it is something that is Obtainable in short bursts or would it be a massive under taking to get there. Sometimes the Original vision has been surpassed and things are just better that you thought. The Old Saying Rome wasn't built in a day stands true especially in game development. As for your Other projects with the Vive If they are going to be part of what is going to help you "get on the other side of a pretty challenging year" then I say focus on those, and keep in mind the people and projects that got you where you are.

    With all that being said I would offer help to you in the limited capacity as the Hobbyist that I am can, be it with Daydream Blue or Other Projects that you plan to work on.

  • Thanks all of the feedback Arreladd :) Sorry I am just now responding.

    Out of curiosity, what are some of the minor bugs you would like fixed? Because I am kind of stuck on the Google version at the moment, I am not sure how to update the game across all the headsets, but I would love to know any issues that should be top priority. 

    At least as of now I am focusing all my time on a new Vive project. Like you said, I have to make enough to keep building, and right now, nothing I do seems to move the needle in terms of sales of Daydream Blue. That may change, but for now, sales have slowed down to almost nothing. I will keep everything you said in mind though, especially "keep in mind the people and projects that got you where you are" :)

    You mention your hobby projects. Are they VR projects? Are you a developer? On that note, do you have any projects you would like to share? I would love to take a look. As far as help with Daydream Blue goes, I will take a look at the current bottleneck and see what can be done.

    Thanks again,


  • as far as the issues I have with Daydream Blue I will let you know exactly what they are when I can reproduce them regularly, that way you don't waste your time trying to track down a problem with little information.

    Is for my Hobby Projects one of them is a VR project but it is more of an experience on rails at this moment until either I decide to make it a controller application or just a look and point.  My other projects are more just desktop based applications and assets. I don't consider myself a Developer because I have not put anything on any official sites just things that I show friends and family that I have built either using Blender, Maya, Unity3d, and recently started working with the Unreal Engine.

  • If you are ever interested in feedback, I am happy to take a look at something! 
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