Daydream Blue
Daydream Blue

Next Update? When to Expect it.

Any chance there is another update in the near future?  I still enjoy fishing although with so much promise and room for growth I am excited to see some updates.


  • Hey MoodMan! No updates in the near future :(

    Originally there were two of us working full time on the game, but the other developer has moved on from RaphVR. The tricky issue is that before any major updates can move forward, I need to finish a server that the other developer had been building. Currently a major bottleneck on this one issue.

    The other reality is working on other projects to bring in enough money to keep going. I believe it will be a few months before I can really get things on track again. Sorry for the bad news. Thank you for playing and I hope to have some more exciting news in the future.
  • Completely understand.  When you do have news please let me know and I will blast it all over as I have many connections in the Android world.  Good luck with the server and as far as money goes maybe look into a crowdsourcing option as it would not only potentially bring in the income needed but will give more exposure.  Good luck and thank you for the honest response.
  • Thanks for understanding! I am launching on Steam at the end of January. Hopefully that will bring in some revenue. I hear you about crowd funding. I am looking at it as a potential way to raise money. However, from what I have heard from friends, is that it is a full time job in itself for a month or more. 
  • Crowd funding is a full time job during the fundraising but also afterwards with the PR. But you do have a couple Major Bonus's that most Kick starters don't have and that is the fact that not only do you have a working copy of Day Dream Blue, People can actually play it the moment that the Kick Starter Ends.  I'm pretty sure that your friends have told you already but just be cautious of the backer Rewards that you offer, some types of rewards can be a nightmare to complete if you have a very small team that helps you.

  • Thanks for the feedback Arreladd! I have talked to some friends that have run kickstarter campaigns in the past. Some successful and some unsuccessful. They also brought up crowd funding being a full time job. In terms of rewards, I have heard some horror stories of backer reward promises, although never personally talked to someone who painted themselves in a corner in that regard.

    In the past few months I have been prototyping some experiments on the HTC Vive. I am debating what makes more sense, focus on getting more funding to continue development on Daydream Blue, or spending more time on a new VR prjoect.

    Out of curiousity, what VR platforms do you have?
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