Daydream Blue
Daydream Blue

“They visit when the moon is out. I saw her shooting darts at them?

I assume based on this that there is a mini game of trowing darts.  This said I can't seem to figure out how to start the game.  I did notice someone talking about a dart recipe but am unsure how to get that as well.  Any advice or is this one of those save your money until you unlock the item things?


  • You can purchase the recipe for the dart gun from the vending machine. Although you don't actually need the recipe to craft the item :) Just need to know which items to put in the fire. 

    The vending machine is to your left when at the fire pit location. Swipe left and right to select the item you want to purchase. Hope this helps!
  • I still have 1 item that shows a "?" so maybe i'm not quite there with level or something.  Thank you though I will just start a bunch of fires and throw stuff in there :)

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