Daydream Blue
Daydream Blue

Build 1 (v1.3.0b) is out on the beta channel

Hey everyone! 

Our first beta build for the mega super update is live. If you are a beta tester, go to "My Preview Apps" on the Oculus Store and you should be able to download the Daydream Blue build. The actual build number is v1.3.0b. Long story as to why our build is numbered and such...there was no early access when we launched on gear :)

Build Notes

A basic version of our new crafting system is in place
  • Color crystals can be collected in the crystal caves
  • Combine color crystals with recipe items when crafting to change color of resulting item
  • Certain fish can be added to recipe for hatchet to modify the type of hatchet.
  • For now only the hatchet can be modified by fish. This will change in the next build
Two new areas are added to the game
  • Fork Cave - not much to do here yet accept look at badge board, but more will come in future builds
  • Crystal Cave - can collect color crystals and rubber (rubber not used in any recipe yet)
New Fishing Mechanics
  • More challenge to catch a fish
  • More juice to rod and reel
  • Modified controls to make it easier and more intuitive

UI Changes
  • Changed layout of items - trying to make using items while playing and/or crafting easier
  • Changed inventory - removed stacking and specific slots for items, because items can be modified with colors and fish, we need an inventory system that can support far more types of items

Major Bugs and Known Issues

  • Cannot go to new areas in multiplayer - we are building our own server to support moving between areas, but it will be at least a month of work
  • Can only play multiplayer with others from testing group. We are on another server than live game. We have to do this because the game is fundamentally different, and would crash immediately otherwise. 
  • Right now leaving and coming back into the cave resets crystals and mushrooms. Making resource gathering infinite. Eventually resources will respawn on a timer.
  • Hatchets modified with fish do not have icons in the item menu, but they are there.
  • Probably a lot of bugs :(

Please let us know what you all think. We are going to try and organize a multiplayer session in the next few days. Right now we still only allow three people per mutliplayer session, but we will be testing having more players in one of the upcoming builds.

Questions? Leave em in the comments below.



  • A lot of really great stuff. Keep up the amazing work, I am having fun watching the world grow and have no doubt more people will be joining as VR becomes more and more main stream.
  • Thanks MoodMan!
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