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Getting Started with Multiplayer

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Getting Started

  • Must start a save or load one to play multiplayer.
  • If starting a new adventure, you need to finish the tutorial before multiplayer becomes available. 
  • Access multiplayer through the radio on your backpack--"Hangout".
  • Before joining multiplayer the first time, you need to give your avatar a name and buy a mask.

Avatar Scene

  • Purchase items by clicking on the item's price tag. 
  • Leaving out the door will save your current outfit.
  • You cannot leave out the door wearing something you have not purchased.
  • Skin tones and shirt colors are free. Hair and masks cost money.

Creating and Joining Rooms

  • You can make as many rooms as you want. Although each room name can only exist once in the world.
  • You can also add other people's rooms, as long as they exist (the rooms no the people, the people may or may not exist...we don't know).
  • To play with friends, join a room together. 
  • Up to three people can join a room at the same time.
  • Clicking on a room from your list of rooms will load that room. 
  • The first person to enter the room will host the multiplayer session and the multiplayer valley will be a copy of their valley.


Your stats save while in multiplayer. For example, if you pop a cloud in multiplayer it saves to your stats.

Money and experience also save. So if you level up in multiplayer, that carries over into single player.

The valley in multiplayer does not persistence after everyone leaves. This means that if you are the last person in the valley, and you leave, you go back to your single player valley and the multiplayer valley ceases to exist. So if you left a log on the ground. It will leave with the world.

Voice commands do not work in multiplayer. We are looking into it, but for now voice commands don’t work while you are playing multiplayer.

We have a multiplayer update planned for December 18th. We will be pushing updates earlier if we find major bugs. Please let us know how your multiplayer experience goes and leave us some feedback!!!


  • If anyone is going into a multiplayer room let us know here so we can meet up. Mine always puts me in randomo room or something like that. I'm not sure what I will call a room, but will post that once I decide, maybe I'll see you there. If anyone else creates a room and wants to hang out let us know too
  • How do you actually create a room?  I had someone jump into my little world but how do I leave mine?  I have already finished the tutorial and when clicking on the radio I must be missing something when it comes to multiplayer.
  • Hi MoodMan. You can leave your room in two ways.

    1. If you select "Find Open Valley" from the Main Multiplayer menu, you will see a list of open valleys for you to join (if there are open valleys). Clicking on one of these valleys will leave yours and join the other valley.

    2. If a friend invites you to join multiplayer and you accept, you will join their valley. Friend invitations pop up in game when you are invited. You can add friends by adding their username or while playing together in multiplayer, click the icon next to their name with a plus sign.

  • Awesome thank you
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