Daydream Blue
Daydream Blue

Saved game is gone

I solved the first 4 quests. My valley was called "Neko Valley". However, when I wanted to continue to play today, my valley / saved game was gone and instead I see a valley called "morr" (which has 0 quests solved). Very disapointing. How can I get my saved game back?


  • Hi Burstup. I am sorry to hear what happened :( I have not heard of this problem before. Can you answer a couple of questions to help me try to figure this out?

    1. Were you playing the game on GearVR, Oculus Rift, or Daydream?
    2. Have you played multiplayer with someone else? 
    4. Were you playing multiplayer at the time that you quit your last game?
    3. Do you have an idea of when you last played before today?

    Thank you for reaching out. I will certainly try to figure out if we can recover your save once I have an idea what happened.
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