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I did do a search, but I have a quick question. I am trying to cook the axe recipe, but it is not working. When I throw the recipe into a burning log in the fire pit it just expands giant and floats there. I am doing something wrong, but not sure what. I have cooked, rather burned, fish so I know how it works for that.


  • Crafting requires placing the ingredients in the fire pit, but not putting the recipe inside the fire pit. Put a log and a stone in the fire pit and then light the log on fire. After a bit, you should get an axe :)

    You are not the first person to struggle with this! We are working on a temporary solution, and we have a really big crafting update we are working on for later this year that should help make crafting clearer, as well as make way more objects to craft.

    Please let us know any other feedback or questions you have!
  • Thank you Ralph
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