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Daydream Blue

How do I feed Ralph a fish?

I have a quest to feed Ralph a fish. I caught a bunch of fish and i tried throwing the fish at him, throwing him at the fish, nicely asking him to eat the fish, etc, but I can't find any way to make him actually eat the fish. Am I doing it wrong? Poor guy is starving, unresponsive, laying on the ground now with a fish thought bubble over him. I'm worried about him!


  • Cook a fish in the fire. Make sure you don't burn it! Once you get experience points above the fish, it is done cooking. Then throw it at Ralph and he will eat it. If he is lying down he made need a few fish to get back up to speed!

    Sorry for the delayed response to your question :)
  • Ah, I didn't know i could cook the fish! He spit out the first few, but finally took a couple and now i think he's gonna make it. Thanks, you saved his life!
  • Yay! Glad Ralph is feeling better :)

    If you cook the fish too long, the fish is burned and Ralph will spit it out.
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