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Hi Everyone,

Richie here. We have an email newsletter we send out with updates. Visit the Daydream Blue website to sign up! That said, I am going to post them here as well.


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    Email Update #4

    Daydream Blue is coming to PC!

    We are very excited to say that Daydream Blue will be available on the Rift! Our goal is to have Daydream Blue ready for the launch of the Rift and we hope to have multiplayer between GearVR and Rift when we launch :)

    More mini-games and content coming soon!

    We have been stuck for awhile on a technical issue with the GearVR version that is the result of new requirements on SDK version. We are working hard to fix the issue, and as soon as we get a fix (hopefully very soon!) we will have more updates on the Gear. We apologize for being silent on our updates for a couple of months, this has been a very frustrating technical problem because it prevents us from issuing updates, which is the fun stuff we want to do!

    We are nominated for Best VR Game in the IMGA 12 Awards!!!

    Thanks so much for supporting us =D

    Stay up to date by following us on twitter  @daydreambluevr and Facebook Daydream Blue on Facebook.

    Thanks for reading!


    Ralph the Robot

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