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At first I thought, "Ok. This is kinda cool, I guess." A week later, I find myself opening this app before any others every night. Once you get the hang of the controls (I use a bluetooth gamepad) to the point that they become unconscious, and once you've unlocked a few things, this "game" really starts to serve its purpose and to show its worth!

I sent some comments to the devs last night through the "contact" area (before my account was approved), so I hope you read those.

Another bug I think I noticed (and one I'm quite worried about): My boombox seems to have disappeared behind a the vending machine or something, because I can hear it (precisely in that direction--thanks to the incredible 3D audio!), but it is nowhere to be seen!!! How can I get it back?

Also, I wanted to say I really like the variety of music the boombox plays. So far, I haven't grown tired of it. I still think enabling users to play their own music would be great, but maybe it's not such a high priority. I know you've got lots of other great ideas in the works, and I wouldn't want to encourage you to neglect those. You can never create enough mini-games. I would like to be able to teleport to more locations. I wish my resting spot inside my "house" (mailbox) was in the bed (maybe sitting upright against the back wall, so I can still look out the window) or possibly at my table instead of what seems to be at the edge of my bed.... If I can think of any other ideas, I'll let ya know.

In the meantime, keep up the great work! This is what VR is for! I keep telling other people to buy it!


  • Funny, what took me several hours to obtain initially, took me only 15 minutes the second time around. (I wanted my boombox back, so I started over!) I got all the way back to the dart gun. Still just missing my table and chair, but that wasn't yet available in the vending machine.

    By the way, I think when I lost my original table and chair not because of bug but because I had failed to save. An auto-save feature would be great. Any particular reason why you made it manual?
  • I want to be able to sit in my tent. It doesn't seem possible. I also reeeally want to be able to sit under that tree to the right of the stone skipping area (maybe feed ducks or control a remote-controlled boat)
  • Hey Jason,

    Thanks for all of the feedback! 

    We will look into ways of fixing the boom box bug. That is a major problem that we were not aware of! 

    Maybe we can add several spots in he house for people to sit and/or lay at? This has been on our to do list for a bit, sounds like we need to get it into the game sooner rather than later :)

    The game does auto-save. So I am not sure what happened with your house items. I will ask Shea, maybe there is a bug and it doesn't save right after you buy items? We will look into it.

    We used to allow people to sit in their tent. The problem is that you can throw your tent in really strange spots and when you could sit in it the world looked very weird. For example, halfway on a rock or halfway in the water. However, I have an idea of how we could get it to work, so I will put it on the list an hopefully my idea works out.

    Thanks again!!!
  • edited December 2015
    I love that I can control everything with just one hand on the gamepad. I think if controllers like Oculus touch ever come to the Gear, I might still prefer this way of interacting. Reaching takes far too much effort in a game that's all about kicking back.

    This app helps me deal with the extended darkness during winter. I get home from work late as it is, so it's always pitch dark, and now I have a way to feel like the daylight hours are a little longer.

    I know this app is new, but it's a little disappointing never finding anyone in the random room. I'm eager to experience the multiplayer feature. Also, tonight I hung out in the random room for about an hour, accumulating a couple thousands monies and purchasing the furniture that I had lost before, only to discover that it was all lost when I left multiplayer mode! I know I've read that the multiplayer world doesn't persist, but then I don't think a "save" should be on the backpack--otherwise the player is liable to forget he's even IN multiplayer mode.

    Then again, if the game saves automatically, as you say, I'm not sure I understand why there is a "save" button at all.
  • We are trying to get people to play it so we have more people in the Random rooms. You can try to hop in the GearVR subreddit or Oculus subreddit to see if anyone else has the game and wants to join.Or tweet @daydreambluevr and maybe one of us can join :)

    This is where people who like the game can help as well by letting other people know about the game on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. !

    We will be adding DK2 support in January which will hopefully add a lot of players to multiplayer as you will be able to play with them even if you are on a Gear.

    I added the issue about the furniture to our bug list. Hopefully we can fix it before our update for next Tuesday. I think we need to look a bit more at the in game save button. Seems to be confusing.

    Thanks :)
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