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My Notes After Spending a Few Hours In-Game

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  • I love the art.
  • I stepped into this with a lot of excitement not really knowing what to expect (didn't look at any spoilers ahead of time).
  • I actually get a sense of tranquility while fishing and looking at the shadows playing across the water.
  • I was pleasantly surprised that fishing is actually kind of fun (I rarely do this in other games). 
    • It was not intuitive that I had to take the fish off the hook, or how. I kept casting it with the fish on the line thinking that little dinky fish on the hook was my bait and getting frustrated that I wasn't catching anything. Suggest that after reeling in a fish it goes directly to your inventory after showing you what it is.
  • I am pretty excited that there is a crafting system.
    • It was not intuitive on *how* to craft things though. I actually had to try to search the forums and even then only got a clue from the tutorial that you have to throw each ingredient into the fire pit and light them on fire with a match.
  • I love that the robot can fetch things for you when they're out of range. This happened to me when I first chopped a tree with my axe and three logs popped out and immediately rolled down the hill before I could catch them.
  • I haven't actually seen any open rooms yet or talked with anyone in multiplayer, but I'm excited to try. I like that customizing your character is built in and look forward to more options in the future.
  • Moving to the log and looking up is a great concept. I actually got out of my chair and laid down on the floor and felt a sense of wonder. I also love looking at the night sky. You should throw some shooting stars in there (or maybe you have an i just haven't caught them yet)
    • Actual constellations might be fun, especially with the laser pointer.
Overall I really like where this is heading and what you've implemented already. Thank you and great job so far! I'd much rather meet with friends and chat in a space like this than something like Oculus Social where there's the distraction of something playing on a screen. I look forward to more updates! Let me know if I can help in any way.


  • Hi sirkit,

    Thanks so much for the feedback. Great to hear a lot of what we have worked hard on is paying off.

    We really appreciate the feedback about some non-intuitive aspects. We hopefully can resolve these issues based off getting feedback from people like you :) 

    We will look into how to make fishing more intuitive. You make a good point about putting it in the inventory. I am not sure why we keep it on the line when I really think about it.

    Crafting is anther area we are working on. It helps to know people are having trouble. We will move it up our priority list. Maybe we can have a bit more info shortly after the tutorial that helps players understand how to craft.

    Thanks again!
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    Tonight I got some new quests - very good idea here to keep people coming back.

    After finishing them I again tried to craft the dart gun. It's rather difficult to get all the fish in the same place in the fire pit on top of a log and set it all on fire, but I did it! ;)

    After enjoying the sounds of the evening (bugs chirping, wind blowing, water softly crushing against the shore) I noticed the fireflies for the first time as I laid in the water (the raft is not present on the water in multiplayer mode for some reason). Love 'em! 

    Then I shot some aliens with my newly crafted dart gun. That was fun :)

    I can't help but hope I someday get to go the whole way around the lake, and possibly ride on that huge fish I see every so often in the lake.
  • Thanks sirkit. We plan on expanding the game, perhaps some day you will get to the other side of the lake :) Or maybe somewhere even more unexpected!

    I forgot to mention last time but there are additional fishing controls.
    • Swipe forward when a fish is on the hook and out of the water to throw the fish back in.
    • Swipe backward when a fish is on the hook and out of the water to put it in your pack.
    • Swipe down to put down the fishing pole. If a fish is on the hook and out of the water, you will be holding the fish.

    We are trying to figure out how to convey all this to players. We have a prototype of a camping guide, but it is hard to convey a lot of info because of readability in VR.
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