Daydream Blue
Daydream Blue

Update 1.1.0

edited September 2015 in Updates
Planned features for update v1.1.0

Skeet shooting mini-game with dart gun
Add stats system to track stats per save file and display them
Finish audio, animation, polish Ralph robot hunger system
Bug Fixes
Optimize Performance
Game pad support


  • Bug: After grabbing Ralph you can't toss or drop him. Had to force quit 2x.
    Bug: (Haven't checked this version yet) Golf Game starts at hole 8 and then resets.
  • Hey dreamer,

    Are these bugs you found with the new update?

    Thanks for letting us know. We have not had any issue getting stuck holding Ralph or having the golf game not reset correctly. Were you loading a new file? Had you played golf before?

    We will look into these :)
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