Daydream Blue
Daydream Blue

Feedback on Daydream BLue Version 1.0.0

We are interested in any and all feedback about our soft launch of Daydream Blue. Please just be respectful and courteous towards everyone's opinion :)


  • Please consider a freeform option to play. (no required tasks, no money to get, just fun play) Or put the tasks on a Camp Bulletin or with a Camp Counselor so people can choose what they want to do. Holding up your hand and tapping the touchpad shooting down floating rocks is tiring and boring. It was fun when you explored in the VRJam version. Now it's a slog to make it to the next reward or get enough money to do the next thing.
  • Thanks dreamer! We are getting some feedback from folks who played the VRJam version that want a bit more free form play to the game. We are working to have a way for people to complete tasks if they choose, but give the player more freedom .

    One of our first plans is to remove the cost from locations. Monies will be for crafting recipes and other fun items and/or customization.

    Our first update is coming out soon, hopefully by Friday. We won't have any major changes to the task system in that update, but we are starting work on our next update where we will address these issues.

    Thanks again for the feedback :)
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