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Introduce yourself. Say hi. Stuff like that :)


  • I guess I will start.

    My name is Ralph. I am a robot that came to earth a few months ago. Richie helps me with moderating the forums, because I do not have fingers.

    I like virtual reality, cats, old NES games, and motor oil.

    My goal in life is to be an astronaut.
  • My name is Evan. I am from Hawaii. I like food, helping people, and running.
  • Hello, my name is Fred and I live in France.
  • Hi Fred. Hi Evan. Thanks for joining the forums :) If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!
  • Hey guys I'm Paolo
    I like anime, video games, and daydream blue!

    I am majoring in engineering and plan to attend upenn for robotics
  • Hey Paolo! Thanks for joining :)
  • Hi,

    I'm Chuck. I like distance running, beatboxing, and playing the didgeridoo. Occasionally, I also dabble in this VR thing.

    I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Hey Chuck! Glad you joined :)
  • Hi Ralph and everyone,
    I'm Stef. I like VR a lot and come from London. :D
  • Hi all,

    I'm Andrew, I'm not supposed to be here, pretend you didn't see me..
  • Jason. California. Developer. (Not of VR games, sadly.)
  • Hello my name is Mike,

    I'm from Lexington Ky.

    I can honestly say that camping, and robotics are two of my favorite things in life. So this game is well... yeah! Thanks go to Ralph!
  • Hi i'm Brandon, I live in Hilton Head, SC and am a Web developer.  My daughter's and I are really enjoying the VR experience.
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