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Getting Started with Daydream Blue

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This tutorial is for anyone having trouble starting Daydream Blue. Please let us know if you have trouble or if this tutorial isn't clear. Hope you enjoy!

Basic Info

The player moves from one area to the next by looking at any of the yellow orbs and tapping the GearVR touchpad located above the right ear. Tapping the touchpad also allows players to interact with objects and items. Some objects and items may be picked up; when one is selected, the object or item will be held close to the face. Swipe forward to throw the item or object.

The back button, located above the touchpad, brings up your camping backpack, which is the in-game menu.

Getting Started

Look at a file slot and click the touchpad to start. Reset a file slot by looking at the reset slot button and clicking the touchpad.

After Daydream Blue loads, enjoy our early morning world! Tap on the yellow orb to move to the second location. Here, you will see three logs, a sign, and some trees. Look at a log and tap to pick it up. A sign forms that will tell you how to add items to your inventory, as well as open your inventory to take items from it.

Once you add three logs to your inventory, move on to the next yellow orb point.

Collect the stones scattered about and throw them in each slot around the fire ring--look for the dark spots on the ground to know where to throw--until the fire ring forms. Once it forms, retrieve a log from your backpack using the back button and throw your log into the ring. Now retrieve your matches from your backpack and light the log in the fire pit by swiping forward. The fog will fade once the log is lit. Welcome to Daydream Blue!

Making Progress

Once the fog lifts, the game opens up and you are free to unlock and uncover the world in whatever way you wish. If you need hints, complete the quests on the wooden sign next to the fire. Some quests are randomly created to a fun challenge; others are specifically chosen to help you become an expert in the valley of Daydream Blue.

The quest board can hold up to three quests at a time. A new quest is created each day at midnight as long as there is an empty slot to fill or a marked off quest. Helpful hint: You can always move time forward using the clock found in your backpack.


New items can be crafted in the fire pit by placing different combinations of items into the pit and cooking them together. Recipes can be bought or found that show which combinations of items lead to which new items.

And the rest...

We have tried (and will continue trying) to add in as much exciting content as we can. Try to experiment and see what is possible in Daydream Blue. Questions or comments? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments.


  • Sounds great I can't wait to get paid so I can buy the game! I'm loving the crafting and survival aspect of the game. I also like how it's more like a camping trip than straight survival. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this awesome app!
  • I want to try!
  • After these basics there is a great article on hints that will help with things like golf, fishing, etc.  It linked me here actually but worth mentioning them as well... Daydream Blue Tips & Hints
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