Daydream Blue
Daydream Blue

Update 1.0.4

Hi everyone!

We are excited to say that UPDATE #2 for Daydream Blue is available :)

Below are the major additions and changes we have made with this update.

  • Removed Cost to unlock points - We want Monies to be spent on fun and exciting new toys and surprises, not to grind for new places. So we removed the cost, allowing players to play games and explore how they want.

  • Removed quests that were tedious - Some quests contributed to a feeling of grinding along, so we removed the quests that were less challenge and more tedium. In future updates we will add more exciting quests and be careful not to add anything that makes the game a grind.

  • XP and Monies graphical changes - Changed graphics to fit thematically in world. We are interested to find out if people have trouble understanding amounts.

  • Increased level cap to 20 - Right now level just impacts the kind of quests you get, although we have plans to add in more cool stuff for levels in future updates.

  • More Boombox controls - We added some more controls to the boom box.

  • More fishing controls - People have told us it was tedious to place the fishing pole down every time one catches a fish, so we are adding some controls to make things easier/streamlined.

  • Made the UFO game better - more polish, better timing, changed to only be available at a specific time.

  • More style to main menu

  • Bug Fixes

  • All around Polish

As always this is just the surface of the update. We are really excited in the way that Daydream Blue is growing into a magical playground for people to access any time they want. We are really excited!

As always, feel free to leave feedback!


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